Reed City Brewing Co

About Us

A Little History

Kevin and Deanna grew up in the Metro Detroit area and moved to the Cadillac area in 1997, buying a farm a year later in Leroy. After Kevin’s father passed away in 2001, they moved to the Brighton area to be closer to family, planning to one day return to the community and friends they had grown to love. Eleven years later, with their daughter, Katelyn, in the Army; their daughter, Courtney, attending college in Florida; and their son, Garrett, finishing high school; Kevin and Deanna decided it was the time to plan their future.


The Brewery – Planning Stage

Initially, the vision for a brewery brought them back to the Cadillac area to search for an ideal location. Looking at a number of available spaces they chose one, only to find that it didn’t pass a closer inspection.  After another discouraging weekend of searching, they headed back home to Brighton and Deanna convinced Kevin to drive through Reed City. Coming from the west into town they stopped at the intersection of Higbee and Upton. To their right sat an empty hair salon with a ‘for sale’ sign in the window. They looked at one another, smiled, and said, “This is it!” Faith in God, that if it was meant to be it would happen, they made an offer and on July 8, 2013 the Murphys signed for their building!


The Brewery – Remodeling Stage

Kevin had a specific vision that he wanted to create for this new space and over the next 4 years – while still working their full-time jobs – they would spend nearly every weekend and vacation renovating and shaping their dream by hand. During this time a sign hung in the window announcing the soon-to-be Red Tail Brewing Company behind which walls, floors, ceilings were being demolished and rebuilt. At the end of nearly four years of long, hard work the space was transformed beautifully and a new name was settled on for Reed City’s first* brewery – now aptly called Reed City Brewing Company.


The Brewery – Opening

With help from family and friends, RCBC opened its doors on July 1, 2017 to a very packed crowd and has stayed a family affair. Kevin brews beer and makes wine nearly every day while Deanna manages the kitchen and business. Even though their oldest, Katelyn, lives in Texas, you can find Courtney, now completing internship for her degree; and Garrett, at FSU for Automotive Engineering, working at the brewery alongside their parents.

A Little History – The Location

Prior to being the home of Reed City Brewing Company, 141 West Upton was home to Reed City Dairy (pictured right), a pizza parlor, a veterinary clinic, Grandma’s Garden Florists, and Prime Design Hair Salon.


Reed City’s First* Brewery

*Reed City Brewing Company was the first brewery in Reed City… back in 1888.

Very little is know about the first iteration of RCBC other than it was listed in the U.S. Congress’ book of Receipts and Expenditures for 1888-1889. In fact, it’s unknown if the brewery was open for 1 day, 1 week, or a year.


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